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QA: High Quality Software Development Lifecycle



120 Days

Quality Assurance (QA) is essential in the software development process for ensuring that products meet the required standards and deliver a great user experience. SkillBridge’s QA career track provides a comprehensive approach to understanding and mastering the various types of testing methodologies and tools. Start your journey in QA to become proficient in creating, managing, and executing tests that guarantee software quality.


SkillBridge Method of Learning

Begin by understanding the fundamentals of software testing, including basic concepts, terminology, and the importance of QA in development.

Learn about different testing types (unit, integration, system, acceptance) and methodologies (Agile, Waterfall).

Master test design techniques, test planning, and test case development to create effective testing strategies.

Explore advanced testing tools and frameworks such as Selenium, JIRA, and TestRail.

Gain hands-on experience by writing and executing test scripts, managing test cycles, and documenting test results.

Learn to use Git for version control to manage test artifacts alongside development changes.

Get acquainted with SQL and databases to understand how to manage data setups for testing environments.

Develop skills in automated testing, performance testing, and security testing to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Delve into specialized areas like mobile testing, API testing, and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) processes.

Enhance communication, critical thinking, and analytical skills to effectively identify and solve problems in testing scenarios.

Why Enroll in the SkillBridge Career Track

Structured Educational Journey

  • Follow a clearly defined path from basic concepts to advanced testing techniques and tools.

Supportive Community

Join a network of professionals and peers who provide support and insights throughout your learning process.

Varied Learning Experiences

Participate in interactive lessons, hands-on projects, and real-world simulations to consolidate your knowledge.

Career Preparation

  • Complete the program with the ability to handle complex testing projects and the skills necessary for various QA roles.

Where you can land with our track

QA Analyst

QA Engineer

Test Engineer

Automation Tester

Performance Tester

Software Developer in Test (SDET)


Welcome to our 120-Day Quality Assurance Programming Career Track. This structured program takes you from QA basics through sophisticated testing strategies and tools.

Overview and Importance: Understand the role of QA in software development and its impact on product quality.

Basics of Testing: Learn about different types of tests and when to apply them.

Introduction to Git: Basics of using Git to manage versions of test scripts and documentation.

Setting Up Testing Tools: Overview of setting up environments for Selenium, Postman, and other testing tools.

SQL Essentials: Basic SQL commands and database interactions essential for setting up test data.

Writing Test Cases: Detailed instructions on how to develop effective test cases and scenarios.

Automation Tools: Introduction to automation with Selenium WebDriver and creating scripts.

Advanced Testing Types: Explore security testing, performance testing, and mobile testing.

 CI/CD Integration: Understanding the role of QA in continuous integration and deployment processes.

Practical QA Projects: Real-world projects to apply QA techniques and tools.

QA in Agile Environments: Implementing QA practices in Agile project teams.

This roadmap ensures that by the end of the program, you have a strong foundation in QA practices, the use of various tools, and the integration of QA into different development environments.