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120 Days

Python is a versatile, high-level programming language ideal for beginners and experts alike. It offers clear syntax and readability, making it perfect for web development, data analysis with Pandas and NumPy, and AI projects with TensorFlow and PyTorch. Python is platform-independent and supported by a robust online community. For newcomers, our curated Python track guides you from basic to advanced levels, ensuring a smooth learning experience. Start your Python programming journey today and build skills in a highly demanded field.


Skillbridge Method

Learn Python basics and set up your development environment with tools like PyCharm.

Master Python syntax, variables, control structures (like if statements and loops), and data structures (lists, dictionaries, sets, tuples).

Dive into functions, modules, exception handling, and file operations to enhance your coding skills.

Explore advanced topics like Object-Oriented Programming, decorators, generators, and regular expressions.

Build web applications using Flask and Django, analyze data with Pandas and NumPy, and automate tasks.

Learn to use Git for version control, mastering both basic and advanced commands.

Understand SQL for database management and integrate Python with databases for backend development.

Write tests using frameworks like pytest and deploy applications to make them accessible online.

Focus on specialized tools like Odoo for detailed applications in enterprise resource planning.

Develop essential soft skills like problem-solving, teamwork, and communication.

Why Enroll in the SkillBridge Career Track

Structured Educational Journey

Follow a clearly defined path from fundamental design concepts to advanced UI techniques.

Supportive Community

Join a community of design professionals and peers who provide feedback and share insights throughout your learning process.

Varied Learning Experiences

Engage with a mixture of theoretical learning, practical exercises, and collaborative projects.

Career Preparation

Complete the program with a robust portfolio and the design thinking skills necessary for a successful career in UI design.

Where you can land with our track

Software Developer

Machine Learning Engineer

Test Engineer

Web Developer

System Administrator

Python Developer


Welcome to our 120-Day Python Programming Career Track. This program is carefully crafted to take you from Python basics to advanced applications and project development. Our approach blends theory with hands-on practice, preparing you for a successful career in tech.

Overview and Popularity: Understand Python’s history and why it’s so popular.
Python Basics: Learn Python syntax, keywords, data types, and foundational programming concepts including indentation, comments, variables, naming conventions, and number system conversion.

Introduction to Git and GitHub: Learn the basics of Git, GitHub, and Git Bash, including collaborative development, tracking changes, basic commands, cloning repositories, and forking repositories.

Setting Up IDEs: Introduction and setup for PyCharm and Visual Studio Code, focusing on Python development (though Visual Studio Code is mentioned in the context of C++, it’s also a popular Python IDE).

Introduction to PostgreSQL: Overview of PostgreSQL, its applications, and basic database operations.
Introduction to Odoo CRM: Setup and configuration of Odoo CRM in PyCharm IDE for CRM systems management.

Control Structures and Data Types: Detailed study of Python data types, control structures (including loops and conditional statements), and basic operators.
Functions and Modules: Learn about defining functions, scopes, lambda functions, and organizing code with modules.
Exception Handling and OOP: Understand exception handling and delve into Object-Oriented Programming concepts such as classes, objects, inheritance, and constructors.

Advanced Data Structures and File Operations: Explore advanced topics including list comprehensions, regular expressions, and file handling (text, CSV, JSON formats).
Data Visualization: Introduction to data visualization with Matplotlib, focusing on creating basic plots.

Advanced Database Management: Creating and managing databases with PostgreSQL, including backup and recovery operations.
Practical Projects: Implementation insights for configuring and managing practical projects, integrating database operations, and using Python in a real-world setting.

This roadmap guides you from the foundational aspects of Python programming through to advanced web development and application deployment. It’s designed to build up your skills progressively, ensuring you’re equipped to tackle a wide range of Python projects by the end of the learning path.