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Java: Robust programming



120 Days

Java is a powerful, object-oriented programming language widely used for building robust, secure applications. Known for its portability across platforms, Java is a top choice for developing everything from mobile apps to enterprise-level solutions. At SkillBridge, our Java career track takes you from the basics to advanced Java development, ensuring you’re well-equipped for the programming challenges of today. Begin your journey into Java programming now and advance your skills in a highly sought-after field.


SkillBridge Method of Learning

Understand Java fundamentals and set up your development environment using tools like Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA.

Master Java syntax, variables, control structures (such as loops and conditionals), and essential data structures (arrays, lists, and maps).

Explore object-oriented programming in Java, focusing on classes, objects, inheritance, and interfaces.

Delve into advanced Java topics like multi-threading, generics, and the Java Stream API.

Develop desktop and web applications using frameworks like Swing and Spring, manage databases with JDBC, and automate tasks.

Learn to manage your code with Git, mastering version control to enhance project workflow and collaboration

Dive into SQL for database interactions and utilize JDBC for integrating Java applications with databases.

Develop unit tests with JUnit and deploy applications on servers like Apache Tomcat.

Focus on advanced frameworks and libraries such as Spring Boot for building microservices and hibernate for object-relational mapping.

Why Enroll in the SkillBridge Career Track

Structured Educational Journey

A step-by-step approach to learning that builds skills sequentially from basic to complex.

Supportive Community

Access to a community of peers and mentors who provide support and guidance throughout your learning process.

Varied Learning Experiences

Engage with a mixture of lectures, hands-on projects, and peer discussions to solidify your knowledge.

Career Preparation

Finish the program with comprehensive coding skills, a strong portfolio, and the teamwork abilities crucial for your professional growth.

Where you can land with our track

Back-End Developer

Software Developer

System integrator

Java Web Developer

Full Stack Developer

Java Developer


Welcome to our 120-Day Java Programming Career Track. This program is designed to transition you from Java basics to sophisticated application development and project management.

Overview and Popularity: Learn about Java’s creation, its wide usage, and key features that make it popular.

Java Basics: Introduction to Java syntax, the JVM ecosystem, data types, and fundamental programming structures.

Introduction to Git and GitHub: Basics of using Git and GitHub for Java projects, including repository management and team collaboration.

Setting Up IDEs: Introduction to Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA, tailored for effective Java development.

Introduction to SQL: Basic SQL syntax and operations essential for Java developers.

JDBC Essentials: Setting up JDBC in Eclipse for database management in Java applications.

OOP Principles: Comprehensive exploration of object-oriented concepts in Java.

Exception Handling: Strategies for robust error handling in Java applications.

Advanced OOP and Design Patterns: Deep dive into complex OOP techniques and the use of design patterns.

Concurrency and Multithreading: Understanding Java threads and concurrency models to build responsive applications.

Practical Projects: Real-world Java project scenarios to apply your skills comprehensively.

Advanced JDBC Techniques: Advanced database operations with Java, integrating complex SQL queries and transaction management.

This roadmap will equip you with the necessary skills to tackle a wide range of Java-based projects by the end of the learning path.