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DevOps: a faster and reliable delivery of software



120 Days

DevOps bridges the gap between software development and IT operations, emphasizing communication, collaboration, and integration. SkillBridge’s DevOps career track is designed to equip you with the skills to implement and manage continuous integration, continuous deployment (CI/CD), infrastructure as code, and real-time monitoring solutions. Start your journey in DevOps to enhance efficiency and reliability in software development and operational processes.


SkillBridge Method of Learning

Learn the core principles of DevOps, including its importance in modern development and operational strategies.

Understand version control systems like Git, and the basics of scripting with Bash and Python for automation.

Dive into continuous integration and continuous deployment practices using Jenkins and GitLab CI.

Master infrastructure as code with tools like Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform.

Implement real-time monitoring and logging with tools like Prometheus and Elasticsearch.

Integrate advanced Git workflows for managing multiple development environments.

Learn to manage and configure databases within a DevOps context, utilizing technologies like PostgreSQL and MongoDB.

Explore automated testing frameworks and deploy applications efficiently across various environments.

Focus on security best practices in DevOps, including secure coding practices and vulnerability assessments.

Develop leadership and project management skills to lead DevOps teams effectively.

Why Enroll in the SkillBridge Career Track

Structured Educational Journey

A meticulously planned curriculum from basic concepts to advanced DevOps practices.

Supportive Community

Access to a network of industry professionals and peers who provide insights and support throughout your journey.

Varied Learning Experiences

Engage in interactive labs, projects, and team collaborations to solidify your knowledge.

Career Preparation

Equip yourself with a robust skill set that includes automation, monitoring, and security, essential for a successful career in DevOps.

Where you can land with our track

DevOps Engineer

Cloud Engineer

Site Reliability Engineer

Infrastructure Architect

System Administrator

Automation Engineer


Welcome to our 120-Day DevOps Career Track. This program guides you from the essentials of DevOps to complex infrastructure management and optimization techniques. 

Philosophy and Culture: Explore the fundamentals of DevOps culture and its impact on software development and operations.

Tools and Automation: Introduction to essential tools and scripting for automation.

Advanced Git Techniques: Master advanced features of Git for efficient version control.

Cloud Platforms: Overview of AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud for DevOps solutions.

Containers and Orchestration: Deep dive into Docker and Kubernetes for container management.

Real-time Monitoring: Learn to implement monitoring solutions like Prometheus and Grafana.

Security Practices: Integrate security into DevOps processes, focusing on continuous security and compliance.

Continuous Integration/Deployment: Set up and manage CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins and GitLab CI.

 Infrastructure as Code: Master Terraform and Ansible for automating infrastructure provisioning.

Practical DevOps Projects: Hands-on projects to apply your skills in real-world scenarios.

DevOps in Agile: Implementing DevOps practices within Agile frameworks.

This roadmap equips you with the comprehensive skills needed to tackle a wide range of challenges in the DevOps field, ensuring you are ready to manage and improve software development and operational tasks effectively.