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Full Stack MERN Apprenticeship Training Program



120 Days

Unlock the world of full-stack development with our hands-on MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React, Node.js) apprenticeship program at SkillBridge. Designed to elevate your programming prowess, this program equips you for high-demand roles in web development and beyond.

At SkillBridge, we champion a ‘learning by doing’ approach. Dive into the depths of full-stack development through real-world projects and collaborative learning, ensuring you gain practical experience that distinguishes your capabilities in the job market. With the guidance of industry veterans and a supportive learning community, your skills will grow robustly, day by day.

Training sessions will be held at the SkillBridge centre, offering flexible schedules to fit your commitments.

By the end of this program, you’ll possess a robust understanding of the MERN stack and a professional portfolio to showcase your newly honed skills. Our goal is to prepare you comprehensively for the job market, enhancing the appeal of your resume to prospective employers.


What You Get with the MERN Apprenticeship Training Program:

  • Real Projects: Engage in meaningful projects that impact. 
  • Expert Mentors: Gain insights from seasoned professionals. 
  • Collaborative Community: Join a group of like-minded learners, supporting each other’s growth. 
  • Work Simulation: Experience a workplace environment through our industry simulation sessions. 
  • Job Readiness: Equip yourself with the skills that tech companies seek. 
  • Applicable Knowledge: Learn techniques and tools you can apply directly in your job. 

Program Highlights

Certification of Mastery in Full Stack Development

Validate your skills with a certificate recognized in the industry.

Diverse Projects for Hands-on Learning

Tackle various projects that sharpen your development skills across the MERN stack.

Community-Driven Development

Contributing to tools used globally and enhancing your collaborative skills.

Industry Simulation Experience

Step into the shoes of a full-stack developer with simulations that mimic real job responsibilities.

Tools and Technologies

hTML, CSS & JavaScript





Visual Studio

Babel & Webpack


Where you can land with our track

Full Stack Developer

Backend Developer (Node.js)

Frontend Developer (React)

DevOps Engineer

JavaScript Developer

Product Manager (Technical)


Problem Solving

Enhance your capability to solve complex technical problems.

Practical Application

Master the application of theoretical knowledge in practical, real-world tasks.

Professional Excellence

Achieve a high standard of professional capability through intensive practice and mentorship.


Mastery of MERN Technologies

Become proficient in MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js through project-based learning.

Hands-On Experience

Build multiple full-stack applications that demonstrate your skills.

Professional Portfolio

Develop a comprehensive portfolio that showcases your versatility and readiness for the tech industry.