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Security Admin

Security Admin Professional Career Track

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Learn security administration principles.
Work on virtual projects that simulate real-world security projects.
Work on knowing how to enhance cybersecurity measures and practices.
120 Virtual days or 6 Virtual Months.
Reward based Job Simulation.
ASecure network, systems, and data against threats.
Implement access controls and vulnerability management.
Primary: Network security, access control.
Secondary: Vulnerability management, incident response.
Junior Security Administrator
Security Analyst
Increasing cybersecurity threats and the need for protection.
Demand for skilled security professionals to safeguard systems.

Career Track Content

  • Fundamentals of Security Admin

  • TCP/IP

  • OSI (Open System Interconnection)

  • Local Area Network

  • Port Mirroring

  • Hubs, Switches and Repeater

  • Command Prompts

  • Protocals

  • Cyber Security Basics

  • Routing Cables

  • Advanced Security Admin

  • DNS and Proxy Servers

Enroll Now

Enrolled by 3,000+ members