Day - 5 Feedback Form

After today’s Daily brief, desk work, and meetings sessions, do you feel you have a better understanding of the concepts enough to perform related tasks?
How useful did you find the glossary provided in today's session?
How helpful were the SkillGuides and SkillNotes in aiding your understanding of today’s topics and tasks?
What is your overall opinion about the structure of the daily interactive review sessions?
How satisfied are you with the number of questions today, please share your opinion?
How challenging were Task 1 and Task 2?
How comfortable are you now with the daily structure of our sessions?
Is the layout of our learning platform easy to use for you?
What was the time duration you have approximately taken to complete all the sections in one day of the Python track?
During the interactive review sessions, how helpful were the images and visual aids for answering the questions?