Day - 10 Feedback Form

Are the SkillGuides helping you understand the concepts clearly?
Are the SkillNotes effective in assisting you to perform tasks and resolve issues?
Do you find the details provided in the SkillGuides and SkillNotes sufficient?
What was the time duration you have approximately taken to complete all the sections in one day of the Python track?
Do you feel prepared for an interview based on the training you received?
How confident are you in applying the learned concepts and practical skills to real-world scenarios?
How relevant and helpful do you find the image hints and visual aids used in the review sessions?
How would you rate the clarity and usefulness of the explanations given for each question or task?
How well do you think the grading system reflects your actual understanding and capabilities?
Looking back over the entire program, what is your overall satisfaction with the user interface and experience of the learning platform?