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Learn the essentials of Java programming -one of the core technologies behind software, web and mobile apps- while developing an Open Source CRM system.

Get certified in Java programming.
Build technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and creativity.
Master Java programming fundamentals.
Emphasis on practical, hands-on experience.
Receive real-time mentorship.
Real-world project-based learning.
Start a successful Java programming career.
Apply Java skills to create a functional Open Source CRM system.
Face challenges similar to those encountered by Java developers.
Tools & Tech
Java programming language.
Git (Version Control), Integrated Development Environments (IDEs).
Relational Database Management Systems (e.g., MySQL).
Web Servers.
Develop skills relevant to professional Java programming.
Cultivate problem-solving and object-oriented programming abilities.
Bridge the gap between theory and practical application.
Master Java syntax, object-oriented concepts, and database integration.
Build a functional CRM system with real-world applications.
Develop a portfolio showcasing your Java programming skills.
Real Work
Engage in projects that simulate real Java development tasks.
Develop practical skills aligned with industry demands.
Experience the journey of authentic Java software development.