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Graphics Design

Develop foundational visual graphics skills and contribute to projects shaping the visual identity of a brand.

Get certified in Visual Graphics.
Build technical skills, adaptability, and innovation.
Participate in hands-on projects.
Receive real-time mentorship.
Real-world project-based learning.
Master visual design principles and graphic creation.
Start a successful Visual Graphics career.
Contribute to a business organization’s Images/Graphics and Video/Animation requirements.
Apply visual graphics skills to create compelling visuals.
Tackle challenges similar to those faced by graphic designers.
Tools & Tech
Graphic Design Software (e.g., Adobe Photoshop Essentials and Adobe Illustrator Essentials).
Pioneering both digital and print friendly design with all respective use cases.
Develop skills relevant to professional visual graphics.
Cultivate creativity and design thinking.
Bridge the gap between theory and practical application.
Create eye-catching images, graphics, and animations.
Understand composition, color theory, hierarchy, and typography.
Develop a portfolio showcasing your visual graphics projects.
Real Work
Engage in projects mirroring real-world graphic design tasks.
Develop practical skills aligned with industry demands.
Experience the creative process of genuine visual graphics work.