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Backend Web Development

Become proficient in PHP, Moodle PHP, CSS, and HTML to develop and create dynamic web applications, focusing on the site’s structure, system, data and logic.

Get certified in Backend Web Development.
Build technical skills, adaptability, and innovation.
Participate in hands-on projects.
Receive real-time mentorship.
Real-world project-based learning.
Master PHP programming and server-side scripting, Moodle PHP, CSS and HTML for web development.
Start a successful Web Developer career.
Contribute to Real World Application and Website Back End.
Apply PHP skills to enhance functionality.
Tackle real challenges encountered by back-end developers.
Tools & Tech
PHP, Moodle PHP, CSS, HTML .
Git (Version Control), Integrated Development Environments (IDEs).
Database Management Systems (e.g., MySQL) .
Browser Developer Tools.
Acquire skills relevant to professional Backend Web Development.
Cultivate problem-solving and teamwork abilities.
Bridge the gap between theory and practical application.
Build back-end functionality for web applications.
Learn to integrate databases and manage data effectively.
Develop a portfolio showcasing practical PHP projects.
Real Work
Engage in hands-on projects that simulate real Backend Web Development tasks.
Gain practical skills that directly prepare you for professional roles.
Experience the demands and rewards of authentic Web Development work.