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In the SkillBridge Center you'll immerse yourself in skill acquisition through practical experiences and real-world projects, guided by tutors with extensive expertise on the chosen Career Track.


The six-month Apprenticeship program emulates the operations of a professional workplace, bridging the gap between theory and practice.



In this dynamic hub you'll immerse yourself in skill acquisition through practical experiences. Whether you're upskilling or reskilling,

The SkillBridge Center's apprenticeships works in all levels.


Apprenticeship Projects

  • Design

    User Experience

    User Interface

    Graphics Design

    Digital Brand Marketing

  • Development

    Web Developer

    Python Developer

    Java Developer

    PHP Developer

    Dev Ops

  • Analytics

    Data Analytics

    Business Analytics

  • Administration

    Security Admin

    Network Admin

  • AI & NLP

    Natural Language Processing Specialist

    Chat GPT Prompt Engineering

Much more projects coming soon Projects will be updated over a period of time inclusive of all the in-demand fields.

How we do it

SkiBis - Workplace

SkiBis, our participants, engage in projects while progressing through their chosen Career Tracks online. Picture yourself working on real-world projects and gaining invaluable insights.

It's a professional workplace that bridges the gap between theory and practice.


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