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Web Development

Learn the essential skills to create visually astonishing websites and develop dynamic web applications, focusing on the site’s structure, system, data and logic.

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Get certified in Web Development.
Develop proficiency in CSS, and HTML and Bootstrap
Create interactive and user-friendly web applications.
Projects include Moodle and SkillBridge Website Front End.
Asynchronous: self-paced and flexible.
Job Simulation, Virtual Rewards.
Master front-end web development technologies.
Create visually appealing and responsive user interfaces.
Gain hands-on experience through project implementation.
Primary: CSS, HTML,Bootstrap.
Secondary: Front-end frameworks, UI/UX design.
Potential Job Roles
Front-End Web Developer.
Junior Web Developer.
Market Demand
High demand for skilled web developers in various industries.
Web development skills crucial for modern businesses.

Career Track Content

  • 1. Introduction and Setup

    Overview of Web Technologies
    Setting up Text Editors (VS Code, Atom)
    Setting up Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
    Introduction to IP and DNS
    Introduction to HTTP and HTTPS

  • 2. Web Browsers and Command Line Basics

    Understanding Web Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
    Command Line Basics (Part )
    Developer Tools
    Inspect and find elements

  • 3. Beginning of HTML

    HTML Basics Introduction to Tags and Elements
    HTML Basics Attributes and Document Structure
    HTML Text Elements (Part )
    HTML Text Elements (Part )

  • 4. Advanced HTML

    HTML Media Elements (Images, Audio, Video)
    HTML Forms Introduction
    HTML Input Fields, Buttons
    HTML Radio Buttons, Checkboxes
    Practical Create a sample web page using learned HTML elements.

  • 5.CSS Basics

    CSS Introduction to Selectors, Properties, and Values
    CSS Box Model
    CSS Display Properties
    CSS Floats and Positioning
    CSS Basic Styling (Colours, Fonts, Backgrounds)

  • 6. Advanced CSS & Responsive Design

    CSS Borders, Margins, and Padding
    CSS Flexbox Introduction
    CSS CSS Grid Introduction
    CSS Media Queries and Basic Responsive Design
    Practical Making a Responsive Web Page

  • 7.JavaScript Basics

    JavaScript Introduction, Variables, Data Types
    JavaScript Functions
    JavaScript Loops and Conditions
    JavaScript Arrays and Objects
    Practical Simple JS-based Interactions on a Web Page

  • 8.Advanced JavaScript and DOM Manipulation

    JavaScript Introduction to the Document Object Model (DOM)
    JavaScript Selecting DOM Elements
    JavaScript Changing Content and Handling Events
    JavaScript ES Introduction - Arrow Functions, Promises
    JavaScript ES Continued - Async/Await, Destructuring

  • 9.JavaScript Frameworks & Libraries

    Introduction to jQuery
    Basics of React or Vue.js (Choose based on interest)
    Diving deeper into React or Vue.js
    Introduction to other frameworks Angular or Svelte (Overview)
    Practical Small project using jQuery or React/Vue.js

  • 10.Backend Development Introduction & Server Basics Backend Development Introduction & Server Basics

    Understanding the Client-Server Model
    Introduction to Server Languages (PHP)
    Databases Basics, SQL vs. NoSQL
    Dive into a specific database MySql, MariaDb,PostgreSql
    Practical Setting up a simple server and database

  • 11.Backend Development Continued & APIs

    Introduction to RESTful services and APIs
    Understanding API endpoints and HTTP methods (GET, POST)
    HTTP methods continued (PUT, DELETE) and API best practices
    Basics of JWT and OAuth for Authentication
    Practical Create a simple API

  • 12.Version Control & Collaboration

    Introduction to Git Repositories and Commits
    Git Branches, Merges
    Git Pull Requests, Conflict Resolution
    Platforms Introduction to GitHub or GitLab
    Practical Collaborative Project using Git and GitHub/GitLab

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