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Develop foundational User Experience (UX) design skills and contribute to projects enhancing the way users experience an application, a system or a service.

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Get certified in User Experience (UX).
Learn User Experience (UX) design principles.
Work on diverse UX projects.
Work on Virtual Projects and Tasks that mimic real-world projects.
Asynchronous: self-paced and flexible.
Job Simulation, Virtual Rewards.
Understand user-centered design methodologies.
Create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.
Primary: UX design principles, wireframing.
Secondary: UI design, usability testing.
Potential Job Roles
UX Designer.
UI/UX Designer.
Market Demand
Growing emphasis on user-centered design across industries.
UX/UI skills essential for creating engaging digital experiences.

Career Track Content

  • 1.User Experience basics

    What, Why and how
    User Research
    Empathy Mapping
    Problem Statement
    Case Study
    Card Sorting

  • 2. UX Laws

    UX Laws
    A/B Testing
    Low Fidelity Wireframe
    Inclusive Design
    Heuristic Evaluation
    UX Copies
    Usability & User testing
    Concept testing
    Reciprocity in UX
    Annoyance in UX
    HEART metric
    UX Maturity
    Reverse Psycology UX
    Visual Hierarchy

  • 3. Wireframing

    UX Sketch
    5 second Feedback
    Tree/Card Testing
    Flow Levels
    P/M Fit
    KANO Model
    Zero Pack
    IKEA Effect
    Labor Illusion
    Decoy Pricing
    progressive Disclosure
    Goal Gradient Effect
    Ad Psycology

  • 4. UX for Emerging Brand

    Wireframe for a webpage
    Complete case study on a problem statement
    Finding multiple problem statement in one app
    user Feedback & re - Iteration
    Best Practices in UX

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