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Security Admin

Security Admin Professional Career Track

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Learn security administration principles.
Work on virtual projects that simulate real-world security projects.
Work on knowing how to enhance cybersecurity measures and practices.s.
Work on virtual tasks involving the collaboration of development and operations.
120 Virtual days or 6 Virtual Months.
Reward based Job Simulation.
A Secure network, systems, and data against threats.
Implement access controls and vulnerability management.
Primary: Network security, access control.
Secondary: Vulnerability management, incident response.
Potential Job Roles
Junior Security Administrator
Security Analyst
Market Demand
Increasing cybersecurity threats and the need for protection.
Demand for skilled security professionals to safeguard systems.

Career Track Content

  • 1. Fundamentals of Security Admin

  • 2. TCP/IP

  • 3.OSI (Open System Interconnection)

  • 4. Local Area Network

  • 5. Port Mirroring

  • 6. Hubs, Switches and Repeater

  • 7. Commands Prompts

  • 8. Protocols

  • 9. Cyber Security Basics

  • 10. Routing Cables

  • 11. Advanced Security Admin

  • 12. DNS and Proxy Servers

Coming Soon !