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Network Admin

Develop essential Network Administration skills and contribute to projects maintaining a business organization's robust network infrastructure.

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Get certified in Newtwork Administration.
Learn Network Administration principles.
Work on virtual projects that simulate real-world network projects.
Work on knowing how to ensure efficient network setup and management.
Asynchronous: self-paced and flexible.
Job Simulation, Virtual Rewards.
Configure and troubleshoot network infrastructure.
Implement security measures and network monitoring.
Primary: Network setup, troubleshooting.
Secondary: Security configurations, network monitoring.
Potential Job Roles
Junior Network Administrator.
Network Support Specialist.
Market Demand
Demand for Network Administrator is solid worldwide.
Network skills essential for maintaining modern technology infrastructures.

Career Track Content

  • 1. Network Models

    Working with models
    The Osi Seven Layer Model on a simple network
    Let's get physical - network hardware and layers 1- 2
    Beyond single wire - Network software and layers 3 - 7
    The OSI seven Layer model and Remote Work

  • 2. Cabling and Topology

    Network Topologies
    Cabling and connectors
    Network Industry Standards - IEEE

  • 3. Ethernet Basics

    Ethernet Frames
    Early Ethernet standards
    Enhancing and Extending ethernet networks

  • 4. TCP/IP Basics

    The TCP/IP Protocol suite
    CIDR and Subnetting
    IP address Assignment

  • 5. Network Naming

    Before DNS
    Diagonising TCP/IP Network issues

  • 6. Securing TCP/IP

    Making TCP/IP Secure
    TCP/IP security standards
    Secure TCP/IP applications

  • 7. Networking Operations

    Risk Management
    Contingency Planning

  • 8. Protecting your network

    Security Concepts
    Network Threats
    Common Vulnerabilities
    Hardening your network

  • 9.Network Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Tools
    The troubleshooting Process
    Resolving common network service issues

  • 10. Ethernet Standards

    100 - Megabit Ethernet
    Gigabit Ethernet
    Ethernet Evolutions

  • 11. Installing a Physical network

    Understanding Structured cabling
    Structured cable - network componenets
    Structured cable - Beyond the star
    Installing structured cabling
    Diagonising and repair of physical cabling

  • 12. Routing

    How routers work
    Dynamic Routing
    Working with routers

  • 13. TCP/IP Applications

    Transport layer and network layer protocols
    The power of port numbers
    Common TCP/IP applications
    Beyond Network+

  • 14. Switch Features

    Switch management
    Virtual LANs
    Multilayer Switches

  • 15. Ipv6

    IPv6 Concepts
    IPv6 Implementations
    Moving to IPv6

  • 16. Wireless Networking

    WIFI standards
    Implementing WIFI
    Troubleshooting WIFI

  • 17.WAN Connectivity

    WAN Technologies
    Last Mile Technologies
    Remote Access
    WAN Troubleshooting Scenarios

  • 18. Virtualization and cloud computing

    Virtualization and cloud computing concepts
    Virtual Networking
    Putting network virtualization and cloud computing to work

  • 19. Data Centers

    Classic data center architechture and design
    The modern data center
    High availability in the data center
    Documenting the data center

  • 20.Integrating Network Devices

    Internet of things
    Unified Communication

  • 21.Network Monitoring

    Monitoring Tools
    Putting it all together

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