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Digital Marketing

Develop foundational digital marketing skills and contribute to projects shaping a business organization’s online presence and scope.

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Get certified in Digital Marketing.
Learn digital marketing strategies and techniques.
Work on virtual projects that simulate real-world digital marketing campaigns.
Gain insights into online marketing channels.
Asynchronous: self-paced and flexible.
Job Simulation, Virtual Rewards.
Plan and execute digital marketing campaigns.
Understand audience targeting and engagement strategies.
Develop a portfolio showcasing your digital marketing projects.
Social Media Platforms (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn).
Digital Marketing Analytics Tools (e.g., Google Analytics).
Content Management Systems.
Other Marketing Platforms such as Email.
Potential Job Roles
Digital Marketing Assistant.
Social Media Specialist.
Market Demand
Increasing importance of online marketing in business growth.
High demand for digital marketing skills across industries.

Career Track Content

  • 1. Foundations of Digital Marketing & Web Presence

    Digital Marketing Introduction & Online Success.
    The Online Opportunity & Digital Unlocked.
    Your Digital Opportunity.
    Your First Steps in Online Success & Online Goals.
    Building and Enhancing Your Online Presence.
    Developing Web Presence & User Experience.
    How Websites Work & Key Ingredients.
    Websites and Your Business Goals.
    Making Websites User-friendly & Design Do's and Don'ts.

  • 2. Strategy, Audience, and SEO

    Online Business Strategy & Audience Understanding.
    Plan Your Online Business Strategy & Benefits.
    Understanding Customer Behavior & Standing Out from the Competition.
    Using Goals to Improve Business Performance.
    Introduction to SEO & SEM.
    Get Started with Search, Search Engine Basics.
    How Search Engines See the Web & Organic vs. Paid Search.
    Introduction to SEO, Importance, and Planning.

  • 3. SEO & SEM Mastery with Local Marketing

    SEO & SEM Implementation.
    Making Web Pages Search Friendly.
    Introduction to SEM, The SEM Auction, and Keyword Strategy.
    How Other Websites Can Work for You & Cross Borders with SEO.
    Local Marketing & Social Media Basics.
    Get Noticed Locally & Marketing to the Locals.
    The Power of Local Directories & Social Media Basics.
    Setting Goals for Social Media & Engaging with Platforms.

  • 4. Social Media Mastery & Mobile Marketing

    Deep Dive into Facebook, Instagram, & LinkedIn.
    Instagram and Facebook Marketing Strategies.
    LinkedIn Branding and Company Strategies.
    WhatsApp Business Accounts and Marketing Strategies.
    YouTube, Twitter, & Mobile Marketing.
    YouTube Video Marketing & Twitter Business Strategies.
    Basics of Mobile Marketing & Evolution of Mobile Devices.
    Understanding Mobile Web vs. Mobile Apps.

  • 5. Content Marketing, Analytics, & E-commerce

    Content Marketing & Strategies.
    Intro to Content Marketing & Knowing Online Customers.
    Choosing Content Formats & Writing for Online Audiences.
    Making Content Visible.
    Data Analytics, Email, & Video Marketing.
    Introduction to Web Analytics & Refining Strategies.
    Connect Through Email & Crafting Marketing Emails.
    The Rise of Online Video & Budgeting for Video Content.

  • 6. International Expansion, TikTok & Integrated Strategies

    E-commerce, International Marketing & TikTok.
    Taking Business Global & Digital International Strategies.
    Basics of TikTok Marketing & Strategies for Virality.
    SEO for Local Businesses & Paid Search Explained.
    Integrated Social Media & Emerging Trends.
    Cohesive Marketing Strategy Across Platforms.
    Understanding Platform-specific Audiences & Cross-Promotion.
    Researching New Features & Potential Marketing Implications.

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