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Data Analytics

Learn fundamental Data Analytics skills and contribute to projects analyzing a business Organization’s digital landscape.

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Get certified in Data Analytics.
Learn data analysis techniques and tools.
Work on virtual projects that simulate real-world data projects.
Gain insights on structured and unstructured data.
Asynchronous: self-paced and flexible.
Job Simulation, Virtual Rewards.
Analyze and visualize data for informed decision-making.
Apply statistical techniques to extract insights.
Primary: Data analysis, data visualization.
Secondary: Statistical analysis, data querying.
Potential Job Roles
Data Analyst.
Business Intelligence Analyst.
Market Demand
Data-driven decision-making across industries is the new normal.
High demand for qualified professionals who can analyze and interpret data.

Career Track Content

  • 1. Learning SQL Server

    Understanding Basics
    SQL Syntax and Commands
    Data Manipulation and Operations

  • 2. Learning Power BI

    Introduction to Power BI
    Power Query and Power Pivot
    Advanced Features and Power BI Service

  • 3. Understanding Cloud Computing and Azure

    Cloud Computing Basics
    Azure Services and ADF

  • 4. Learning Python

    Python Fundamentals
    Exploring NumPy and Pandas
    Data Visualization and Jupyter Notebooks

Coming Soon !