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Business Analyst

Learn foundational Business Analysis skills and contribute to projects shaping a business organization's strategic decisions.

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Get Certified in Business Analysis.
Learn Business Analysis techniques and practices.
Work on virtual projects that simulate real-world Business Analysis tasks.
Understand requirements gathering and documentation.
Asynchronous: self-paced and flexible.
Job Simulation, Virtual Rewards.
Analyze business processes and gather requirements.
Create functional specifications and reports.
Primary: Requirements analysis, documentation.
Secondary: Process modeling, data analysis.
Potential Job Roles
Business Analyst.
Requirements Analyst.
Market Demand
The need for Business Analysts in various industries is on the rise.
Companies are more data-driven and tthen more in need of Business Analyst.

Career Track Content

  • 1.Foundational Concepts & Soft Skills

    Introduction to Business Analysis
    Requirements Elicitation Techniques
    Requirement Documentation
    Soft Skills Development

  • 2. Requirement Modeling, Analysis, & BA Tools

    Requirement Modeling
    Requirement Analysis and Prioritization
    Introduction to Business Analyst Tools
    Hands-On Practical Assignments

  • 3. Advanced Documentation & Real-World Projects

    Advanced Requirement Documentation
    BA's Role in Testing
    Hands-On Projects

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